Friday, November 18, 2011

Marketing & Social Media for Painters

I'm trying to get with it in regards to social media marketing and videos. As far as I can tell, the new paradigm in marketing is "Youtube" it, not "Google" it, so with that in mind we're having several videos produced that highlight various aspects of our work and my workshops. The process was difficult to organize at first, as I'm doing such a variety of subjects recently and exploring new directions. So, we decided to do an overall intro video, one that focuses on the workshops and one that highlights the work and my process in more depth.

After we figured this out with a bit of a hiccup; we didn't know what we wanted until we saw what we didn't want, we scripted out  more precisely what I wanted to say and set the studio up to really highlight the work and the process. Lisa Baggetta came and helped with camera angle, viewpoint for the interview portion and deciding on what to wear.

Lisa suggested that I talk directly to the camera.. This was a little hard to do even though I'm pretty comfortable public speaking at my workshops, but I think a great call. It was hard to say what I wanted to say, do it with emotion and the authentic feelings I have, and try to look my best doing it!! I had a lot of help from Mike, Jamie, Brett and Lisa to lead me through. I have a new found respect for actors and newscasters.

When we got all the dialog done, I was comfortable and the rest was a snap. Jamie and Brett filmed me painting and working on a pastel. They also got audio on painting, making strokes with the pastels on sanded paper, the easel getting cranked and brushes dropping into the holders.

The final video will incorporate some video clips we took at my recent workshop and stills of artwork. 
I think the final results will be great and be a super way to show the work and connect with people. Thanks to Reel Innovative for the great experience!

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B Boylan said...

Way to go Marla! Can't wait to see what comes from all that hard work. :)