Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Thanks so much for following my blog!!

I'm am so, so, incredibly ,over-the-top, grateful to be an artist!!! I've made a list of what painting means to me with thanks to Thomas Buechner. He has a list in his lovely book How I Paint - Secrets of a Sunday Painter. It's a wonderful book, so check it out.

Here's my latest list of what painting means to me:

  • Continually challenging my intellect, my body and my spirit
  • Finding beauty in the ordinary
  • Finding a peaceful place for my mind
  • Having a sacred space - my studio
  • Having a whole bunch of artists, living and dead standing with me at my easel
  • Waking up with something in mind to do
  • Going to sleep with something in mind to do tomorrow
  • Getting to travel and see how beautiful our country is
  • Sharing with, teaching, learning from other artists
  • Sharing my studio with my husband, Mike
  • Giving me a very good reason not to clean house
  • Loving the art supply store and feeling more at home there than at Nordstrom, (Thank you, God)
  • Loving the art section of Powell's books
  • Just Loving
recent life drawing
summer in the studio

Coco Beach, FL

Some supplies
Please share your list!!


Carole said...

Fabulous list!
Painting brings balance to my life and makes me more observant of the world's beauty.
Simple but true.

Marla Baggetta said...

Thanks so much Carole.. Have a wonderful Thanksgivings!!

David King said...

Being able to find beauty in the ordinary is at the top of my list too. Also a greater appreciation for nature.

Debbie said...

Painting brings me a sense of energy that is unique and exiciting. It helps me look at the world with a lighter attitude and a more appreciative heart. It brings me joy to be able to create!
Painting brings me closer to others who love and appreciate art!
Painting fills my mind with wonder wherever I am....working out, stuck in traffic, on break at work...

Marla Baggetta said...

Thanks David and Debbie... We are truly fortunate to be artists!!

AK said...

Painting makes me fill the gaps in between my daily routine. helps me leave no time for negativity. Lucky me.

Marla Baggetta said...

Yep, AK,

Painting is like dancing, you can't be mad, or negative while you're doing it!