Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Drawing Studies

Yesterday I hired a model to come to the studio to pose for me. This is a wonderful opportunity to get exactly what you want with no compromising on lighting, poses, length of pose. I got what I wanted! It was well worth the investment. We did some unclothed and clothed poses. I like these clothed poses because of the strong shapes. We did these after lunch and I was warmed up and letting it go a bit more than I was in the morning.

All the sketches were done just on bond paper with black and white pastel. I used a little water and a bristol brush to get the washes. I tried not to worry about the proportions too, too much and work on massing the shapes. I was primarily concerned with the gesture. I'm thinking that some of these will get re-worked in the studio.

January 20-22 2012, West Linn, Oregon.
Trees, Skies & Water, Baggetta Studio
Contact: Wendy DeHart at
or call 503/550-2499. Full/wait list

May 21-25, 2012, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Bucks County Workshops
Contact: Jackie, 877/855-2276

June 11&12; 2nd session June 13-15, Traverse City, Michigan
Contact: Debra Zamperla at

September 17-20, 2012, Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Peninsula School of Art 
Contact: Karen at 920/868-3455

September 24-26, 2nd session September 28-30, Cape Cod, MA
Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod
Contact: Joan at or 781-844-5157

October 11-14, 2012, Telluride, Colorado.
Pastel en Plein and Studio.
Contact: Wendy DeHart at
or call 503/550-2499.

October 19-21 2012, Bend, Oregon.
Loosen Up Pastels, Cascade Fine Art Workshops
Contact: Sue Manely at


Carole said...

Beautiful and relaxed gesture drawings.

Vanessa said...

Even though they are quick studies they're wonderfully done! I've never tried the "wash" method, nice effects!

B Boylan said...

Downright fun!