Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunshine, Near & Far

Keith warming up at the Rose Garden!

Our planned trips to Scottsdale AZ, and Orlando FL, got a lot more complicated,(in a good way), when our sons' Varsity Basketball team made the final eight in the Oregon State Championships. They were guarranteed three games playing in the Rose Garden where our NBA team, the Portland Trail Blazers play. This of course was extremely exciting and the perfect way for our son to end his high school basketball career. So plans were rearranged, plane tickets purchased, family flew in and somehow, we were able to attend the first of the three games and still get to Scottsdale in time to set up the show. We kept track of the second game while we were setting up the show in Arizona via texts from other parents. I let out a whoop when we heard that they won the second game and our son had a great game. We had fun sharing our parental pride with other artists and celebrated both the game our safe travels to the show.
Not Working Too Hard!!
The show was wonderful in every respect. Lovely patrons that supported us and the show, good artist neighbors, wonderful weather, and last but not least an award!
Pretty Booth!!

I went home between shows and sent Mike off on the road with trepidation. He had the longest trip he's ever made in the Sprinter ahead of him. Orlando is a long way from Scottsdale and much longer from home. But, he's a road warrior and I know very careful, so I filled the cupboards and the frig with food for my spring-breaking man children and then caught the long flights to Orlando to meet back up with Mike. Luckily, all went very smoothly and by the next morning we were in Winter Park setting up just one single booth. It was a snap even though we had to dolly in the equipment and art. The Sprinter was parked right by the railroad tracks! So fun to see the train go so nearby. Security people did a great job of making sure all was safe.
The Sprinter next to the train!
After set-up! Whew!!
The show was terrific. What a fun and engaged crowd! We had fun getting to know a whole new group of artists we'd never met and catching up with a few that we don't see but infrequently. Sale were terrific there too and I won another award!!

Space Center
Mike and I took a rare day off for some tourism and visited the Kennedy Space Center on Monday. After we made our way to Cocoa Beach for dinner before heading back to Orlando area.
Cocoa Beach sunset
I had a 6:00am flight to catch on Tuesday, so we decided to stay the night right by the airport. Good move 'cause the night went quick!!

Road Warrior!!
I was home by 11:30am Pacific time. Mike took another 4 days make it home!!


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loriann said...

Sounds like you had a very fruitful trip! Thanks for sharing your adventure. What was your award? (I am not at all surprised that you received it!) Cheers!