Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Delving In/keeping Off The Edges

My wonderful NIA instructor Britt, talked about her desire to stop living on the fringes of her life by delving more deeply. I can only speak for myself in that I know this feeling, that I've only just touched the boundaries of what is possible, just skirted the edges. So how to you live up to that personal power that is within each of us?

I had a conversation with a man today at the Phoenix airport. I could tell this person was keenly aware of his own power and had a core value system in place on just how to yield that power with grace and compassion. He was also confident, but at the same time humble with it. So refreshing. I'm going to buy the book, Mark!!

I had met another person at the Scottsdale Arts Festival. She is a teacher of young children for whom English is a second language and are very poor. Her kids can't read and write, but they can draw. For them art is more than just a creative outlet, it is a crucial means of communication. I expressed to this teacher that I had often questioned the importance of my work and whether it really made a difference to people. She so very kindly reminded me that my presence at a show such as the Scottsdale Arts Festival adds to the legitimacy of all of the arts and it's importance to society.

Mike and I had dinner with friends from college who are also both artists. Mary and Jeff have been married as long as Mike and I have and are an example of a couple delving deep into their power as individuals and as a couple. Living the life of an artist has it's up and downs, but clearly mostly ups.

I found myself connecting more closely with people on this trip. So apt, since my one of my intentions is to do more figurative works.

A couple people have asked if I would offer classes in this genre and the answer is an resounding "YES".
It will be a while as I find my groove and then process that so it makes sense both for myself and students.

Thank you to everyone that came out to visit me at the Scottsdale Arts Festival. It was a beautiful show in a great town that Mike and I always enjoy. I'll be back next year for sure since I won best in drawing. I'm invited back!!

26wx36H pastel on colorfix

This piece was one I completed right before I left for Scottsdale. It depicts a stand of trees that have since been cut down. Very sad for me since I drive by frequently. I'm glad I painted it again!


Sonya Johnson said...

What a gorgeous painting! Your fall color paintings are always showstoppers.

Congratulations on your win at the Scottsdale show; perhaps next year I'll be able to make it down for a visit.

Nancy Laliberte said...

I always enjoy the "conversation" aspect of your blog, Marla. And, congratulations on your very much deserved award at the Scottsdale show.