Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30 Minutes, 30 Days, 30 Objects, 30 People

I started a new project today. Starting is always the hardest, but most rewarding thing I do as an artist. You have to start new a lot when you are an artist. Today I started something pretty different and with great potential to change me as an artist and as a person. I'm beginning a collection of pieces that will eventually be part of a show in October/November in Fish Creek Wisconsin at the Peninsula School of Art. My work will be hung with several other artists work.

I knew I wanted this body of work to be a departure for me, a place to grow and stretch. I knew I'd like to try still life. But how to make each small piece have more connection to people and place? So after a lot of procrastination and my usual beating around the bush, I decided to have other people decide for me. I'm borrowing the objects from friends, acquaintances, fellow artists and basically anyone who will give or send me something. Got a small item for me to paint? Send it along. Write a couple lines about it and or yourself. Preferably something small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

I painted the first object which I chose for myself. It's a little porcelain doll that my mom bought for me a year or so ago. It's got my birthstone in the flower she's holding. This doll is sooo not me, but at the same time it is. My mom bought this because I'd had the same exact one as a little girl and it was stolen from my apartment in college along with a lot of other keepsake items. Mom made it a mission hunting for this little thing in every antique or collectible shop she'd go in ever since it was taken. Of course, I didn't really need it replaced. Not really. Sometimes stuff is more than just stuff. As it is with this thing. It's kinda like my mom's devotion to me and to taking care of me and making sure I'm whole in her mind. It's not about being a princess, but I'm pretty sure she must think I act like one sometimes!

I painted her on Wallis sanded pastel paper that was toned yellow ochre. I painted her in oil. I did a loose drawing in pencil first, then dove in. I was really unsure of the pinks at first and had a hard time "seeing" the color in the shadow while still getting the values right, which was what was sooooo great!! I loved having a hard time. It was terrific to be pushed. I did most of her in about 30 minutes and did a little touch up on edges after a break.

So next I'll have my friends and family pitch in and hopefully blog followers and fellow artists!! Got a small item for me to paint? Send it along. Write a couple lines about it and or yourself. Preferably something small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Send you it to 1321 Stonehaven Dr., West Linn, OR 97068. Be sure to send it in a way that I can easily return it to you. Make sure it's something small, something  meaningful, yet interesting to paint.

Can it change my life in 30 days?? We'll see.


AK said...

The values are just perfect.

Marla Baggetta said...

Thanks AK, I'm on shaky ground here, so I appreciate the encouraging comment!!

Sonya Johnson said...

What a delightful little painting! Despite the fact it is quite a departure from your usual landscape subjects, you did a marvelous job, and in 30 minutes no less!

I wish I had a suitable object to send you for your series, but I'll just enjoy seeing what others provide.

Have fun!

Nancy Laliberte said...

Wonderful concept Marla! I can't wait to see the progression of paintings! Inspiring!