Monday, April 5, 2010

Coloring Outside the Lines

I just returned from teaching a workshop for LaConner Workshops in LaConner, Washington. My friend Wendy came along and helped me get to where I needed to go. Thank you, Wendy! Getting there was complicated because I had some business in Los Angeles that made the schedule extremely tight. After we got squared away in our lovely B&B, The Queen of the Valley, in LaConner, we had a chance to tool around and see the beginnings of the tulip festival come to life. The fields were just about to come into their full glory. It was fantastic!

The workshop got going on Saturday. Nineteen terrific students! What a great enthusiastic group. The workshop was based on some of the ideas that grew out of my variation series and Pastel Journal article,(Oct. 2009). We were concentrating on play, experimentation and repeating a theme. But mostly, play!

Three mornings of incredible breaksfasts prepared by the innkeeper at The Queen. What a treat to start each day with a superb breakfast. Turns out I needed those calories after all. Teaching is hungry work.Thanks, Shelly for the awesome waffle recipe!!

After three days of helping my students stretch their boundaries, I came home questioning just what my own boundaries are. How can I find my edge? That edge is different for each of us. What is it for me? What am I trying to say, what am I trying to paint and why? Just because you can paint a thing, is that reason enough to do it? I'm always pressing myself for new answers to these questions. The answers are constantly changing, like the work. This is good.

I learned a thing or two from my students; quiet persistence and raw tenacity. A room full of women is amazing in that the knowledge and experience in such a room is all we ever really need. I was reminded of this once again. So, lovely!
I learned a couple things from Robyn. She gave us samples of Rives BFK which I tried out when I got home and could get hooked on. Also gave Pan Pastels another try with some interesting results.Thanks Robyn.

I learned a bunch of stuff from Wendy. I always do. How to be gracious, how to be calm and how to have fun. Love ya, Wendy!!

I returned to Oregon and happily have settled back into the studio for a month or so before my next show. Mostly, I'm happy to be able to watch the Trailblazer games!


Jala Pfaff said...

Love this!

Anita Stoll said...

I missed your blogging since Feb, glad to see your back. You do beautiful, breadthtaking work.