Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rearranging the Studio

I spent much of my day rearranging my somewhat limited studio space so I can tackle some bigger pieces and try out some new ideas. I usually like to pin new works on paper on the walls so I can see how each piece relates to the next, but this takes up a lot of space that could be used for making art. I decided that I would put large works on pieces of foam core and stack them up as I do them, thus giving me the opportunity to look at them as I need to before framing, yet still freeing up the walls for work space and to be able to push both easels up against the walls.

I also moved a photo collage to a different spot even though I really loved where it was. I'm going to put a shelving unit of some kind there instead. This will accommodate the new media that I want to experiment with.

I actually moved my easel and painting cart out into a shared space in the studio and painted there for two days last week. It just wasn't "right" for me, so that's when I decided to reorder my smaller space. 

I'm really happy with the results and think it's going to be a great fresh start. It seems like I have to do this every few years to get both my head and the workspace clear. I feel like I have room now for the new work, both mentally and physically.

Best of all, my lovely hydrangea is already blooming!

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