Monday, July 2, 2012

How Computer Savy Does an Artist Need to Be?

I consider myself a fairly proficient user when it comes to the computer. I can usually navigate my way around software and figure out the basics when I'm having a bit of trouble; things like restarting, force quitting etc. I keep my files organized and I know how to download, make zip files to send large files, put things on disc,  things like that.

Beyond that it gets tougher for me. I don't know html. So if I need a big change or something goes awry, I'm kinda lost and need help! If I want to start a new website or something big. I'm kinda lost.

Spending time on the computer is really a love/hate thing for me. It's satisfying for me to master a tidbit from a different world and it's an opportunity to step away from the demands of "starting" a painting. In other words, a terrific excuse to procrastinate!

A few musts:

Be able to organize and manage image files and provide them to shows/galleries in both good high resolution  and web formats.

Know where your domain is hosted and keep track of  renewals.

Be proficient in Photoshop or similar

Be proficient in a database program like Filemaker or similar

Know how to navigate the web

Be able to set up a blog and use it.

Be able to use Facebook even reluctantly!

Know how to get images on a disc, how to send them as compressed files, and upload them to third party sites likes Yousendit.

Anything else I missed? Please add on to this list!

I really try to spend the majority of my time doing what I do best, painting and teaching painting. Going too deep into the world of computers doesn't really serve this agenda, but is a necessary part of doing business.


JacMac said...

Gee could I take a class with you on any of the above! In particular how to send photo's of art work to competitions in the right resolution and formatt, etc. Might be a course to consider teaching!

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Great list, Marla! The only thing I'd add - and it is a very important thing - is knowing how to back up your comnputer.

And do it regularly!

BaggettaStudio said...

Marla and I talked about a possible combined taught workshop course since we could cover a lot of different material. Stay tuned!

Marla Baggetta said...

Gosh Michael,

I forgot about that one! It is super critical to know how to back everything up!