Saturday, June 30, 2012


Ok, ok...I'm getting ready to sign a lease on a studio/workshop space and open an atelier in Southeast Portland! Nervous and excited. I'm making mental lists and some written ones. Trying not to get too ahead of myself and not be overwhelmed by the tasks ahead. Moving a studio of 20 years is fairly involved and of course I'll be setting up the space for students as well as for myself, so there are numerous considerations.

Bottom line; tons of stuff!! This of course drives me nuts. I don't really care for "stuff". I'm that lady that has a small closet with three colors of cloths in it; black, white and grey. I like to keep it simple and when I envision moving an art studio, the word "simple" does not really come to mind! So, this morning, I went into my studio and looked around at the books, supplies and equipment and took a deep breath. Yes, all of it will eventually have to be moved, but I asked myself what is really essential to the move? Two things came to mind; a stool and a bucket. Without these two items, I could not have a studio or at least it would not be MY studio. My stool has been with me since I was five...a very long time! It is stawart, and sturdy. It gives me comfort and is molded to me. The bucket is the one I bought the first day of Art Center. It has the residue of 30 years of painting on it. Essential items. Just two, really. That makes me feel good!


Barbara said...

Oh Marla, this sounds so fun to me! My studio is in perpetual motion. Just this morning I rearranged (again) to be able to paint in pastel again after 3 months of oil. Best of luck with your new endeavor,I know it will be a great success. And, enjoy that move!

JacMac said...

Marla, seeing your work and Mikes at the close of your show yesterday was so inspiring. The direction you are both taking with your newest work are fantastic! Both of you have work that is so outstanding and now that you are working toward bringing more teaching and potential workshops to the Portland area is so what we need here. Can't wait to see your ideas up and running and to take a class!

Jodi Dann said...

Hi Marla, Good luck & have fun with your big move to a new studio! Nothing like new surroundings to instill a fresh spark of inspiration. Enjoyed your closing show at Annes gallery, great turnout! Also, nice red dots on those painting tags :-).