Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leaving Things Behind

I'd meant to paint today...but I found myself wandering around my studio, cleaning up and preparing to leave and at the same time, preparing to return. Things are left undone. Things are left alone, incomplete. Never before have I felt such a deep commitment, obligation to my work. I leave, sorry that things are not finished, but excited that they'll be ready, waiting for my return, like sentinels. I locked the doors, shut the blinds, unplugged the heaters and I stood at my doorway and read the quotation that I have hanging on my door:

This is a place
 where you can simply experience
and bring forth what you are and what you 
might be. this is the place of creative
incubation. At first you might find that
 nothing happens there.
But if you have a sacred place and use it,
something eventually will happen....Your
 sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.

-Joseph Campbell

I so look forward to returning to mine. It holds me and nurtures me. Is my private space to muse and contemplate, to paint and draw, to dance, to cry or to simply be my most authentic self. I'm so grateful so have the warm loving embrace of such a space. When I return to it, I will let out a deep grateful breath and be home.

I wish for all of you a sacred space, whether you are seeking one, nurturing one, or settling deeply into one....


Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

Marla, have a safe trip with time for adventure, laughter, contemplation and meaningful connections with others. Oh, may it also be financially successful, too!

SamArtDog said...

Thanks so much for this benediction. I also appreciate having a place which nurtures mr. I'm as thankful for that blessing as any other.
Safe travels.

dutchie said...

A late thanks for a great workshop.
Happy travels !