Friday, February 24, 2012

Big White Van

Ok, excuse the language, but it is a big damn van! When we pulled into one of the hotels where we stayed, a guy said to us, "Wow, that's a big damn van!" Mike replied, "Well, yes it is." It wasn't too fun to drive in Miami. Boy, do those folks drive fast and there are a lot of 'em too! The show was fine, made some nice sales and got the first response to the new interior figurative pieces. That was great and interesting. Seeing the work through others peoples eyes a bit and hearing some reactions is always informative.

We had lovely neighbors all around at the show which makes all the difference when you're in such close quarters for three whole long days. All went smoothly taking down the show on the last day. On Tuesday we headed to Key West. Not another place in the country farther from home! We stayed at the Westin Hotel there which was a late birthday treat. The valet guys decided not to move our truck and just put a couple cones around it. Funny and fine with us, since we really didn't want them driving it!

Valet Parking the Sprinter, ha, ha!
Tired but satisfied!
Tons of street performers. This guy juggled big knives!
Perfect picture sunset from our room!
We were in Key West on Fat Tuesday and while people didn't need much excuse to party, there, they seemed like they were using it as an excuse to up it a notch or two. Can't say we minded...we enjoyed the street performers, a couple galleries, an awesome sunset view from our room...Thanks to the folks at Westin for a sweet upgrade to a corner ocean view!!

From Key West we headed back North and are enjoying a bit of a break, catching up on computer work, sleep and doing a bit of plein air painting of some Florida scenery. So different from home! I'm looking forward to teaching for the Central Florida Pastel Society on Tuesday thru Thursday.

Meanwhile I'll be practicing my oyster eating technique....

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Casey Klahn said...

Best wishes in Florida. Say hi to Mike!

Seems like there is a nice atmosphere - maybe good things in the air for you there!