Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cleaning Pastels and Walmart!!!

My friend and fellow pastelist, Jude Galbraith brought a blue feather duster to the wine country retreat workshop in Dundee, Oregon a couple weeks ago. No, she didn't want to keep the retreat clean for us. It wa s for her pastels! I was surprised and charmed.

It works like a charm to clean off your lightly used pastels. Use it outside with a mask or be real careful of wind direction. It won't clean all the sides, obviously, but if you just got things a little messy, it's perfect. If you really need to thoroughly clean them, I recommend corn meal.

The only bummer thing is that the only place I could find these feather dusters was Walmart and I hate to shop there. Every other place has microfiber dusters. But Walmart had them for 97 cents. I got three. Two for myself, and one for Wendy.

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B Boylan said...

Oooh, thanks for the reminder of the feather duster idea from the workshop! I wonder if you can get them at the dollar store? Will let you know if I find them there. Until then, happy dusting!