Friday, August 5, 2011

More Figures

Yesterday I had some studio time and I continued to work with the figure. I'm just feeling my way to these and trying to be patient in striking the cord that I'm after. I worked on this seated figure, "Aly". I feel it's a nice sketch and has many things about it that I like, but it's not quite as "finished" as I eventually want the figures to be. So, a nice starting place. I'm happy with the way I built it. I kept the shapes really simple and the color palette simple. I tried not to be tempted into detail.

I find I need to put much more planning into these. I've been studying the work of Dan McCaw and Kim English which is helpful. Two great figure painters. I'll take this piece with me to Menucha next week to finish in the evening one night after teaching. Yes, I'm the model!  My sketch is kind of rough, but it starts to say the mood.

Ball point pen sketch
Here's my computer screen. I also printed out a small thumbnail sized copy of this photo to work from. I thought it might bother me that I was the model for the photo. It's funny how quickly you just think shapes and values/light and shade and you're not even thinking about whether it's a person. All painting is the same, they say!!

My studio monitor
Watercolor on mounted Wallis paper

I like how the watercolor under-painting starts to set up the mood of the piece. I'll go back in with a little pencil line to restate my drawing, (simply!), before I start the pastel. Boy, I'm having fun!!

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