Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back From Menucha!


My week at Menucha was an especially good one. My students were a terrific bunch, many of them have studied with me several times, so we could hit the ground running! The whole bunch hit the right notes and made for a really compatabile and engaged group.  For five days we worked really hard, we covered a lot of ground and had some fun.

It was a studio workshop, but weather was beautiful so many of my "kids" took advantage of the lovely 102 acres of grounds at Menucha and painted outdoors.

I worked every single evening and made some great progress on my figurative work. I feel like I'm on a little more solid ground now. I finished several pieces and set up a couple more to finish in my studio. I'm so excited about this new work! Thanks for letting me share!!

I learned a bunch from my "kids" as usual! Nathalie told me about how she's mounting the professional Wallis paper on board with "Super 77". I tried it today and it worked great. Sabina turned me on to a website that lists workshops of all kinds called "Shaw Guides". They offer free listings for instructors. It's an awesome site! I got lots of reading suggestions including "Dinner With Persephone" which I'm well into. I'm also reading "Turn" by Ann Truitt.

It was great to catch up with some of the usual Creative Arts Community campers and meet some new faces as well. It was delightful to share meals with everyone and exchange stories from the past year.

I won't be returning to Menucha, at least next year as I've already go some other plans, so I had to say goodbye for a while to some old friends and wish them happy art making!!

To my students, here's the red shoes.....A little different from my Keens!! Hope to see you soon!! 


Sept 18-22, '11, Halsey, NE- Autumn Art Workshops – email jshansen15@msn.com
Sept 25&26, '11, Halsey, NE- Autumn Art Workshops – email jshansen15@msn.com
Oct 7-9, '11, Dundee, OR email - wjdehart@comcast.net- A few spots
Oct 10, '11, Dundee, OR, Critique Day - email - wjdehart@comcast.net
Nov 4-6, '11, Austin, TX – email-mbaggetta@comcast.net
Nov 12-13, '11, West Linn, OR – email-mbaggetta@comcast.net
Jan 20-22, '12, West Linn, OR – email-mbaggetta@comcast.net
May 21-25, '12, Bucks County PA, Bucks County Art Workshops – email www.buckscountyartworkshops.com
Sept 17-20, ’12, Fish Creek, WI, Peninsula School of Art -  email www.peninsulaartschool.com
Sept , 25-28,’12, Cape Cod, MA
Oct 7-13, ’12, Telluride, CO,– email wjdehart@comcast.net
Oct 19-21, ’12 Bend, OR,– Cascade Fine Art Workshops email www.cascadefineartworkshops.com

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