Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reserving Judgement

One of my Colorado workshop students sent a box with an object in it. I'd received it several days ago and when I got it, I was really excited to see what she had sent. Upon opening the carefully packed box, I was a bit deflated. Although the vessel she sent was a beautiful object with a lovely story attached, (more on that for the exhibition), I'll admit that my first reaction was how was I ever going to paint this lovely thing and do it justice? It's shiny, black and has an intricate floral design on it. Plus the shape is all about ellipses, one of the hardest things to draw and paint. So, of course I put off painting it. Major procrastination!! But I was finally motivated by the reality that I really wanted to get it back to Sue in good shape since it has sentimental value to her. It scared me to have it!!

So I just started. As usual it's the hardest part. I pre-mixed some blacks with burnt umber and ultramarine blue and some greys, both warm and cool. I decided to say the floral design really simply. Keep it simple, stupid, Marla!! I didn't ry to put all the design elements in and just try to say the essence of the vessel.

My husband happened to walk into my painting studio, which he doesn't do very much just as I was about 90% done. He looked at it and said "Oh, that's cool!" I said, "Yeah, I know!"

You have to start, then give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Give yourself a chance. Solid drawing, simple painting choices. Don't try to say everything. Poems, not novels. Thanks so much, Sue. I loved painting this!!!

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