Sunday, May 1, 2011


My mom picked this little figurine of a robin for me to paint. It's been in our house since I was a little girl when we lived in Ohio for a year. It was on the mantle or in some other prominent place for most of my years growing up, so it's very familiar to me.

When I  set it up to paint it, I decided to paint it from a little more challenging perspective just because its shape is so familiar to me. It turns out that the perspective is perfect. My mom is a very direct and straightforward person, so painting Nicodemus straight on, seemed right for her too.

This project is teaching me so much about painting! I really have to slow down and look carefully. Color mixing is one of the areas that I'm strengthening with this work. I also find that it is working my drawing skill, just to do these simple objects!

Again, this was painted on Wallis museum paper with oils.

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