Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweetness and a Red Stool

I've been spending quite a bit of time on the computer over the past few days and find I'm in a deficit mode. Working on the computer just lacks the sweetness of being in the studio. Again, my dance class gives me the inspiration for this posting. Thanks Britt!!

How do you find the sweetness in your life? What is that to you? Whether it be a delicious meal, the warmth of a cozy fire shared with a loved one, or a good book. For me, these are the meaningful and rich moments that make my life sweet. When you think of sweetness, what do you think of? My work is one of the things that feels sweet to me. I think of joy and inspiration. I think of work well done and the satisfaction of in delving into painting. Getting messy, seeing the color and smelling the paint. This is sweet to me.

It's sweet to me that the tools and objects that surround me in the studio, are soooo familiar; like home. I have a simple wooden stool in my studio that I've had since I was six years old. It's been painted pink, yellow, black, white, blue and now red. It is worn with use and marked with paint and ink. It is essential to the sweetness in my studio. It needs to be there. Although it's just an object, it can't be replaced. It has marked time and accompanied me to every home and studio space I've ever worked in. When I sit on it, I am humbled by my good fortune. So sweet! Some of you have sat on this stool and seen it many of the colors. I'm grateful for that too!

So tomorrow, I have the WHOLE DAY to PAINT!!! I'll spend a lot of time standing in front of my lovely easel working on a piece that is a canopy of yellow trees. This under-painting was done with airbrush acrylics on Wallis sanded paper. I will also spend some time on my stool and it will be sweet. I will be thinking of my fellow artist and blogger, Loriann and thinking healing thoughts all day. Please join me in sending positive, sweetness her way!!!!


Caroline said...

Thank you for this and for wishing our dear blogging friend Loriann fond wishes we are all thinking of her today especially. I look forward to seeing the next stage of your very beautiful painting. Enjoy your sweet time in the studio.

Cathyann said...

It is good that you reminded us of our sweetness in life...the ability to create among other things. And the community of artists we have through blogs.
Thank you, Marla. Happy painting!

Cindy Michaud said...

Oh my, I love it! I feel that way about my cereal bowl...anyway, the computer can be a blessing or a time sucker, how to balance? I'll trade out the time cause a whole day to paint is really the best! Looking forward to the progress of this one...

Gary Keimig said...

great post Marla and great work on your blog. Love that red stool

Carol Lee Beckx said...

The simple things in life are often those that give us the greatest pleasure - your red stool that you have had with you for so long is a sweet comfort.
I have an old paint- splattered apron that when I put it on, I know I'll be getting down to some good creative time, it's like a good-luck charm.

Barbara said...

I really enjoy your work and your blog is also inspirational. thank you for sharing the ups and downs!

When underpainting do you find that Wallis buckles or bows? McKinley has his mounted on mat board I think, but looks like you just tape the corners. Do you use Museum Wallis or Professional? I really like uderpainting with pastels but watercolors some times bow the paper. Is it better with airbrush acrylics? Less water?


Marla Baggetta said...


I use the museum wallis and yes I think there is less buckle with the airbrush acrylics or fluid acrylics. You don't need as much water to get a very pigmented under-painting. That being said, I've had students that say I tolerate the buckle more than other painters!

loriann said... brought me to tears Marla. Thank you so much for all of your positive sweet energy. I see it coming back two fold. Hugs, Loriann