Sunday, January 23, 2011

New York, NY

I just spent three nights in NYC. Although the weather was somewhat challenging, I was able to get in a trip to the Met and a trip to Spainerman gallery, to see the show "In the Tonalist Mood" which was a priority for me thanks to Loriann Signori, I was in love with the Twatchman winter scene! It was lovely to see this painting after having taught my Loosen-up workshop where one of the exercises is to paint using all tints. Twatchmans work was a masterful example of just that. They had many wonderful pieces in the show including  a piece by Charles Warren Eaton “The Edge of the Pines”. This is a piece that I’ve seen reproduced and is of course much more lovely in person. Birge Harrison’s “Sunset From Quebec” was another spectacular piece. There were several nocturnal pieces that were great to see. On the internet, the gallery list 61 works, but not all were hung while I was there, so a few disappointments. It looked like a fairly important Inness was not available when I went. Should have asked, but I was too timid. The gallery itself was beautiful and had a modern room that had quite a few pieces that I wished Mike had been with me to enjoy.

I also went to Bemelman’s Bar which is a classic piano bar in the Carlyle Hotel. This place could not have been more beautiful or romantic. Again missing Mike. The walls are decorated with murals from the Madeline childrens books. You wouldn’t think that would be so terrific for a bar at first, but with the amber lighting the effect was simply haunting.

This was only my second trip to NYC and a short one at that, but you can feel the energy and the history of the city. It’s oozing with that. I hope to get back there next time with Mike to really take in the gallery scene.

It's always inspiring to get out of ones narrow world once in a while, but although I had fun, I'm pleased to be back in the studio. Taking in the experience and beauty of NYC and keeping that energy in my studio work is what I hope to do. I'd begun several pieces before I'd left, so I'm anxious to get back to them and see what comes to the top. 

On my return I was immediately reminded of the beauty in my own backyard!! How great is this shot of this deer? Part of a family of deer that resides in the small greenbelt in our suburban neighborhood.
So, delight in what's near and far!!

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loriann said...

Lucky you Marla, you were able to see the show! You are so right about Twachtman and his variety of exquisite tints.What beauty! I hope to see this show. Returning home is always best though.