Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I Paint

Back to work! It feels so great to be painting again, and I'm not talking about the walls!!! Having just spent a whirlwind couple of months teaching in Cape Cod, Bend Oregon and managing to just about complete my new studio /workshop space, has made me look a little deeper into the "why"!! These lists are roughly in order of their importance to me. I believe that making a living and doing something you love are not mutually exclusive, although I know I am most fortunate to have the opportunity. Both painting and teaching painting are part of this equation for me. Here are my lists. I'd love to see yours!

Why I paint

To be enlightened 
To have my breathe taken away
To feel human
To see the world in no particular way
To learn how strong or weak I can be on a given day
To get messy
To be in wonderment
To master a medium or not
To feel at home,(I've always painted since I can remember)
To make a living

Why I teach painting

To share the above with people that are interested in the same!
To talk with other artists
To verbalize and put into language something for which is very difficult to do this for
To get more people doing art
To make a living



AK said...

Straight from the heart !

Susan Roux said...

I like your lists. I teach too and find it wonderfully motivating, enlightening and so inspiring to light up faces as they create what they never thought possible!

Welcome back.

Vanessa said...

Lovely post! I always find art so therapeutic personally which is the greatest value for me. I paint because it comforts the soul.

PS Recently signed up for your workshop in Atlanta next year. After reading this post I'm even more excited!

Ruth Andre said...

Very interesting post, blog and video. Love seeing your work in progress.