Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lovely Cape Cod

I had the privilege of teaching two Masters series workshop for the Pastel Society of Cape Cod last month. I don't think two workshops could have been much better! I was honored to have such wonderful artists in both my classes. It was so fun to work with such accomplished groups and get to know them.

The first session was Plein air and we couldn't have had more beautiful weather! The painting gods were definitely watching over us! We painted in three diverse and equally fabulous locations; the first day at Gray's Beach which boasts lovely bay views and marshes. Also good parking and bathroom facilities. Always a plus! The second day we were a Bray's Farm. Tons of choices with lovely structure, farm animals, fence lines and woods. It got a little gusty, but was clear and pretty warm. I was working on my farmers tan. It was a terrific group with whom the three days just zipped by!

We had a day off to relax, recharge, explore and enjoy!

Next up was the classroom session and once again the weather gods were watching. It was kinda crummy outside whilst we were cozy in our classroom! Another full class with a lots of energy and enthusiasm! Now that was super fun! Thanks once again to the Pastel Painters of Cape Cod and a special shout out to Joan Dromey and Sherry Rhyno for all the thought and time that went into the organization of the two workshops. It made it super special for us.