Sunday, July 8, 2012


Working on being peaceful in the face of relative chaos! Early this morning, woke up, made a strong pot of coffee and headed out to strike our booth before the show opened. It wasn't raining and we had plenty of time to dry things off a bit before we put more wet stuff into the truck along with the waterlogged art. With just one booth to deal with, we had it done pretty handily within an hour.

Then off to a hot breakfast at a local spot called Wild Eggs; a great, cool, Jetson's-like place with super friendly staff and a hardy morning staple. Back to the hotel for yet another hot shower and a much needed cry and rest! I allowed myself a bit of self-indulgent crying for about 2 minutes before I turned my head and chose to "just be happy"! Just like Wendy's niece said, you can just be happy or????

I make art. I can make more. I love to do it. PERFECT!

I'm looking forward to getting home and setting to work on my atelier! More to come on that later in the week as I have pictures and updates. It's gonna be great! Check back soon!


Carol Schiff Studio said...

I love your "can do" attitude...the mark of a winner!

Casey Klahn said...

Thinking of you and Mike, today. I once closed my booth (in Spokane) from a deluge of water caving the roof, but only lost a mat.

What a story you have! Glad you know how to care of yourself under the circumstances. And, as you said, things will be fine.

Casey Klahn said...

If your pro panels aren't okay, you can borrow mine, BTW!

B Boylan said...

Like Casey says, I love your can do attitude! You have so many blessings and super great talent. Just be glad that there is "more" from where it came from...and YOU are STILL here! Sending smiles your way.