Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ants in My Pants

I'm at the Bellevue Arts Fair in Bellevue, Washington this weekend. It's a a great festival, surprisingly in the parking garage of the mall! This year both Mike and I have booths that are separated just a bit. The separation gives us something to talk about during the day! Although it's always a nice show, the hours are EXTREMELY long; 9:30am to 9:30pm. So at one point or another, twiddling ones thumbs comes into play.

I'm so anxious to get back to work on SE Atelier. Before I left for Seattle, new carpet was installed in what will be my office and VIP Lounge! Electrical bids are in the works, floors are getting prepped for refurbishing and moving day is being scheduled! With a lot of sweat equity, it's starting to come together.

The beginning of the painting!
I'm envisioning myself in the space and wanting to broaden that vision to include a community of artists. It will be a space that will be warm, comfortable and inspiring for others to be in. I hope it is an empowering space. So much great energy has already come from it and the ideas are pouring in. What would you do in it?? If you have ideas, I'd love to hear!


Judy Wise said...

No specific ideas but finally something closer to my neighborhood. I'm very excited about your space and can't wait to visit and admire your hard work. Knowing you, this is going to be wonderful! xo

Ruth Armitage said...

Hi Marla,
I really love the idea of a weekly life drawing session there! It looks like the perfect space! Can't wait to see it in person :) I also think it would be great to have other artists teach workshops... the possibilities are boggling.

Ale said...

It was nice to meet you here in Bellevue. I am the happiest with "A simple gesture".

Enjoy your new studio. See you sometime!

Karen F. Rose said...

Marla how exciting for you and the community of artists that will enjoy your new space. Best Wishes!
Heading out your way soon but don't think you will be in your space yet. Would love to see it