Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reserving Judgement

As a painter, I've learned to be kind to myself. I've learned that I need to be patient as I move through the phases of a piece; the starting, the troublesome middle and the resolution. I've concluded that every single painting goes through a "yuck" stage and one must navigate this by giving oneself credit for what is working and build on that. If you just let yourself get stuck on what is not working, then stuck you will stay.  Usually this is where you begin to pick away aimlessly and then often lose focus altogether. You have to reserve your judgement.

Being a painting teacher has taught me so much about people too. Here are group pictures from my recent workshops!

  Raleigh North Carolina Studio Class
  Raleigh North Carolina Plein Air
Traverse City Studio Class

Traverse City Plein Air

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