Friday, May 18, 2012

Buck's County, Here I Come!

I'm traveling to Buck's County, PA tomorrow. It will entail a full and I mean FULL day of travel. I'll get there late at night, maybe even Sunday morning. But, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be well worth the trouble! I've been working off and on for the last couple weeks and organizing my gear for the workshop. Trying to keep it simple, still have a comprehensive workshop and just enough of the materials my students students and I need. Trying to keep to one checked bag, one carry-on and one personal item is challenging. For this trip, I'll be catching a train from the airport into Philly proper and then another out to Doylestown, PA, so I need to be able to manage my gear, knowing I'll be tired and it's heavy, despite my best efforts to downsize. I'll be taking my time and asking for help when and if I need it. Dollar bills in my pocket to tip the appropriate parties.

I carry on my pastels in a small Heilman box, my computer and ipad. I put paper, glassine and brushes in tubes. Roll cloths. Make sure paint, (watercolors), are double sealed in plastic. I also put a note in the check bag for the benefit of TSA, should they decide that paint is not o.k. in a bag. They could still decide to chuck the watercolor, but at least I try!

I have a brochure taped to the inside of the Heilman box, so if TSA wants to open it, I look like I'm a PRO!! I always politely ask if I can open it for them. Could be disaster if they do it! Usually, it's pretty smooth. I just plan on a little extra time, knowing that security can take some extra time with my pastels going through. Most airports know what they are. It just so happens that Portland is one of the most stringent from what I've experienced. Hey, wish me luck!!

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