Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feeding, Nourishing, Trusting

I took the day off from my studio and did some things to feed my soul and to feed my new work. First I danced...always a good way to start off ones day. If you are dancing you cannot perceverate on the details of your day. Your mind has to be in your body, not in twenty other places. Love that!! Then I went to my framer and picked up a personal piece that I intend to keep in my own collection. It looks lovely, btw. Afterwards, I had a quiet and solitary lunch of hardy minestrone soup at a vegan bakery next to my framer. Perfection! After lunch I feed my vision for my new work with a photo outing. I was blown away by some of the stuff I saw and can't wait to see what percolates to the top and gets into my new pieces! So exciting.

All this was feeding, nourishing and trusting. I need to feed my conscious and unconscious ideas of what form my new work will take. I have to nourish myself with what I put in. Not just burn it up. So cracking open, but not cracking up. Then trusting that I will find "it" even though I don't really know what "it" is exactly. Trusting that leaving a void behind me will open a pathway that is rich and fulfilling.


David King said...

What you did today sounds very much like what Julia Cameron calls an "Artist's Date" where you "fill the well" so to speak by going out and doing something alone you might otherwise not do. I've been trying to go through the "Artist's Way" program on my own and often struggle with it, coming up with good weekly "Artist's Dates" is one of the things I struggle with.

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

Marla, I'm vicariously loving your "bud bursting open" experiences! Looked into Nia & plan on taking action! Thanks for the tip.