Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I've Just Decided to Be Happy

My friend Wendy, who helps me with my workshops and I were together on a trip earlier this year and a memorable chat we had comes to mind frequently. She told me about a niece of hers that said  after hearing a lot of folks complain, she'd decided, "JUST DECIDED TO BE HAPPY". I think Wendy said her niece was around eight or nine years old when she told Wendy this. "Out of the mouths of babes"!!!

I'm loving this time I have in the studio, but I've got this sneaking feeling... In seven weeks, I'll be heading out to Florida for three shows and a workshop.  Moving more and more to my consciousness are the details of the trip; inventory, framing, packing and organizing for the workshop I'll be teaching. I'll need to organize materials, plan for being productive while I'm on the road and plan for staying healthy and fit. It could be a grueling trip or it could be great fun with stops in Miami, Tampa, Stuart, New Orleans then West to Scottsdale, AZ. I'm tired just thinking about the travel, setting up the booth, and hauling all the art!

This has been pushed to the back of my mind until now when it's begun to creep in. I've allowed myself a blissful time to focus deeply on the new work. I'm grateful for the studio time. I could be grouchy that now I have to focus on the more mundane tasks ahead of me. I could start taking my frustration out on my family, friends and random, people unlucky enough to cross my cranky path.

Cases of art in the house
But today, in the building mental chaos, emerged this other thought; JUST DECIDE TO BE HAPPY!! What is the alternative, BTW?? Not very pleasant. So if you've got a lot, maybe too much on your plate, join me and think about Wendy's niece!!!
Our Sprinter in Florida last year!

What to focus on!!

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