Saturday, July 23, 2011

Workshops, Figures, Summer

 I find summer an especially hard time to settle into a routine, (fewer blog posts...sorry). My schedule is so crazy, I'm yearning for summer weather, my boys are about and still need a bit of attention and I'm more restless. Finding studio time is all the more challenging.

I just returned from teaching a two session workshop in Ann Arbor, MI to a wonderful, engaged group. We painting outside for two days and then spent three days in the studio. Students could take either or both sessions. Here are some pics. It was beautiful there, but pretty hot! I had a day off in between sessions, so I even had a day of painting for myself. Sweet!!
Plein air at Parkers Mill Park. HOT!!

 3-day Studio Session

I've been anxious to get back to work in the studio. I continue to be engaged by the figure and so I'm working on several figurative pieces.  Yesterday, I got a boost as I heard from the Pastel Society of America that my piece "Closing" was accepted into their annual show. I'm so pleased that this new direction is already being well received! Only 180 pieces where chosen from over 1000 entries. I can't wait to send it to NY!!

"Closing" 9x12

This piece has a watercolor under-painting with pastel on top. Let me know what you think! It's very exciting to move in yet another direction for a bit.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Such a change from landscapes...a welcome change for you I think

Debora L. Stewart said...

Just beautiful. I love the background and the bits of red on the skin. Looks like this might be an exciting new direction for you.

Jo Reimer said...

Congratulations on your acceptance into the show. You deserve it; this is a wonderful piece. I admire the way you clearly told the story of closing without fine detail, yet I see the bottles and glasses on the bar and the girls features without your having to spell them out. Well done.

Ruth Andre said...

Your blog site is really lovely and informative. LOVED the video and seeing your work in progress.