Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dakota Art Workshops

Wendy and I leave for LaConner today where we'll do a four day workshop based on my variation series. This workshop is especially juicy and rewarding to do. We'll get to the heart of doing a deep focus on a subject and repeating it; what this invitation can do for you as an artist and how it can inform all of your work. I spend time talking about and demonstrating how and why I did over a hundred pieces of the same simple composition. The demonstrations will be straight ahead pastel and mixed media demos. All will incorporate pastel as the predominant media. All will be playful explorations. I usually have a bit of either a color idea or a value set up before starting a demo piece, but I let it take me in an unexpected direction if that feels right or I'll consciously make a broad change if something isn't working or just isn't all that exciting. I learned to trust this process and trust myself as a painter. I now give myself the benefit of patience and let a piece unfold or reveal itself, teasing out the special parts without tons of judgment along the way.

Wendy and I will see friends and family, eat wonderful breakfasts at the Queen,(the B&B), maybe paint a little ourselves, weather permitting. For sure we'll take lots of photos. AND.....I get to pick up my new car on the way home. Yes, the car I don't have to share with teenage boys!!

Mostly, we'll get to meet all of the artists taking the workshop. It's always a pleasure and an honor to meet everyone and learn about what they are doing as an artist, how each person incorporates art making into their life and what it means to them. I can't wait to meet them!

On Friday evening, at 7pm, I'll be giving a short presentation at Dakota Art in Mt. Vernon. I'll be giving a power point that is a tour of my studio. I'll discuss the work space and how both my husband and I use it, how we've adapted it and enhanced it over the course of many years. I'll also answer any questions about my work, studio or the business end of art making. Please join me if you happen to be in the area on Friday evening.

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Shelley Whiting said...

Your work is very soft and ethereal. I love the light in this piece. It's peaceful and serene. A very beautiful artwork.