Friday, February 11, 2011

A Strong Finish!

My week was filled with a diversity of tasks, from painting,(very nice), to inventory management,(ok), to errands like going to the framer,(so,so). I felt like I'd gotten off to a slow start this week. I had a few nagging things to get past; a lingering cold and my son's lost wallet, grrrrrrr!!!!

So today, when I was able to put aside the weeks machinations and moments when life got in the way of life, I was truly happy and just a little proud of myself. Not especially because of the results of the painting, but because I was able to put my head into it fully. This is my usual challenge.

This oil painting is based on a pastel composition that I did a couple years ago. I've intended to do an oil painting from it for quite some time. I like the color palette and the softness of the foreground. I'm paying particular attention to my edges in my newest oil paintings. I think this is paying off. Although this piece is not quite finished, I think it has some of the ethereal quality that I liked in the original pastel.

I first do a thin wash of oils in really saturated color. I let this sit overnight.

I premix some colors that I know I'll need

Almost done. I'll do some final tweaking and "design" some of the shapes so they are more elegant.


helen said...

Love those colors!

Linda Keely said...

Do you use a medium with your oil paints? I noticed even the paint in the almost finished version looks like a wash.

Marla Baggetta said...

I don't use any medium,just Gamsol to thin it. There are some areas of thicker paint, but overall, I would say it's thinly painted.