Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Foliolink and the Lack of Customer Service

So my website has been down since last Wednesday. They didn't notify us, we had to find out ourselves and then they were not transparent about just how severe and deep the problem ran. They promised to populate our sites with images which were all completely lost, by Tuesday, (yesterday) and have our sites live again. No go. They have apologized for the "inconvenience" this may have caused. They have not offered any kind of compensation or reduction in our fees for the time the sites have been down, nor do they seem to understand the potential loss of business. They say they are working 24/7 on this. We've made nice calls and sent understanding emails. We've made more pointed calls and sent some not so understanding emails. At this point, I have little confidence that they will actually get my site live again by the end of the week, much less with all my images intact. I'm considering jumping ship to another site manager, but keep hoping they will actually get it up and running. I'd need to invest so much time in moving to another site. Just unsure of how to proceed. I'm super frustrated!!!!!! I know there are many problems in the world much more pressing, but if little prayers can be answered, I'm praying for my website : ) Then maybe I can sleep at night again! Here's what you get when you go to my website now:

This website is undergoing repair. Please try back again later. 

Back to painting tomorrow, website or not. I'm not going to let it get me. I've got several large pieces in the works that are starting to shape up pretty well. Also received some of my shopping spree pastels today from Terry Ludwig. Thanks, Terry!


Julie Greig NZ Painter said...

Marla, that's so frustrating! Have you tried 'Artspan'? A friend of mine in NZ uses them and finds it excellent. Nice designs too. I'm thinking of moving over to them next year.
I just love your work, wish I could paint like you! The colours just glow!
All the best,

Apifera Farm said...

I had my main art/painting site [including the archive section ] go down too, and our other farm site. I had just paid the $695 for the main two sites, or I would have left. I complained like crazy. When the farm site came due 1 week after their miserable customer service showing [really horrible, everyone seems to agree they botched this badly] I asked them to give me a free year for the $275 site that was due, otherwise I'd shut it down. A few days later [yes a few days] they emailed and said they wanted to set up a phone call to 'explain their service agreement'. I said 'no, I don't need to waste time hearing about your service agreement, which I've read, but thought I'd give you the chance to do the right thing and give me a break on one site since I lost sales and more on the other. I've been with them for 3 or 4 years and have referred several peole to them. About an hour later, after thinking about it, I emailed and told them I wasn't renewing. I mean, if I have to teach them how to do business in away that is fair, I don't want to pay them any more than I have too. Next year I will move somewhere else, because they never came out and explained to people what happened.

Really disapointing.