Monday, November 22, 2010

Dancing, Painting, Eating

Just about the most perfect day. I went to my dance class, NIA in the morning despite the threat of icy roads. Wasn't bad at all. Dancing was fun and challenging. I can't get enough. Thanks, Kriszti!. Home and into a hot shower to shake off the cold drive home. Down into the studio next to my space heater.

I finished off one of the pieces I'd started Friday and started three more under-paintings. I'm totally on a binge of doing under-paintings!! Wendy, I'm doing one of those snow scenes 'cause I was so taken with yours. Hope you don't mind!!

I went upstairs to start dinner. Yummmm!! I made a Moroccan chicken with apricots and almonds. It's so delicious that it's the second time I've made it in a month. Not too difficult and is a one pan dinner. Pretty spicy and aromatic.

After I made dinner, back to the studio to start my night scene for my series. I like the mystery of this one.

The very best part of the day was the music... I'd spent some time over the weekend updating my playlists. I listened to J.J. Cale, Johnny Lee Hooker and a little Joe Cocker/You Can Leave Your Hat On..... The best.

I hope you all have exciting Thanksgiving plans ahead!!


Barbara said...

I'm inspired by your watercolor under-paintings (I usually use oil). Thanks for sharing them. Happy Thanksgiving Marla!

Jo Reimer said...

Thanks for showing us these underpaintings. Now I understand your process a bit better... not that I have much experience with painting with pastels. It's interesting to know the process even if one isn't going to work in this way.

Sonya Johnson said...

These underpaintings are nice on their own merits as colorful abstracts, but it's easy to see how they act as a roadmap for your finished pastels.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Realtor Gail O'Connell said...

Neat paintings! I love watercolor, even though I'm not really talented myself

Jana said...

Playing catch-up on your blog - I can't believe no one asked for your Moroccan chicken recipe! Do you share? Did I miss it somewhere? Am getting lots of good inspiration from your paintings and pastel information. They're always terrific! Thanks!