Monday, November 29, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I thought I'd share a few tidbits from my holiday week, since I just got a few moments here and there to do art in between eating. We had Thanksgiving dinner three times. I was in the kitchen more than the studio, needless to say!

I did receive a couple of new art books from Amazon. I bought Richard Mckinleys' new book Pastel Pointers. It's such a terrific book! It's well organized and designed beautifully, but simply. The book has so much useful information; practical information for pastelists like how to organize your equipment for travel. It also has stunning examples of Richards work. This book is not a surprise, as I wouldn't expect less from Richard!

I also bought Mitchell Albalas' Landscape Painting. This is another great book with a wealth of information. I like that he's included several other artists' work in this book; artist such as Russel Chatam and Mark Bohne are included. I haven't read through it completely, but it's well written and a pleasure to look through.

I contacted Terry Ludwig and he gave his permission for me to post a couple of his color charts on my blog, so you can see what I'm planning on getting when I go shopping with my gift certificate.
Intensive Darks II

Warm Greens

The other great part of the holiday was selling the Variations online in my ebay store. I sold a total of six of them. It was great fun to do and a portion of sales will go to the Oregon Food Bank. This is a nice way to be able to give back during this season. Thank you to everyone who purchased!

Lastly I just wanted to let all my "followers" and "subscribers" know how very grateful I am for your thoughtful comments and for just reading and looking!

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