Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shipping Pastels!

Yeah, shipping pastels is a tricky thing. I've had pretty good luck though. First I put a skin on the glass. This protects the piece should the glass crack. You can buy this through the Airfloat people. Then I use their shipping boxes. I have a couple of the ones they make that have a metal insert in the lid. See the pictures.These are more expensive, but I think worth the extra. Make sure the boxes are large enough. There should be a good amount of cushion all around the piece. I really don't have quite enough margin for the still life! These boxes are great since you just subtract the foam insert where your piece is going to be and put it in, close it up. You don't need to wrap it in bubble or anything. This makes it easier on the show end as they don't have to fuss with packing materials. They really like this! It's so much less hassle for the shipping agent. Tape the edges closed where they've marked it.

Label the box "fragile" and "this end up" and hope for the best! I spray all pieces that I'm going to ship. I put an Fedex airbill in with the piece for return shipping. I have it shipped back the slowest option, like 3rd day. It could be around 75.00 to get it back. Sending it can be cheaper because you can send it UPS if you allow enough time; probably around 40.00.

Airfloat shipping boxes.


Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks again for the info, Marla.
When you say you "spray" them, do you mean fixative? But doesn't that alter the look of your final layer (make it look a little different than you want)?

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

thank you for the insight and answering that question! your pastels are 1000 percent beautiful!

Casey Klahn said...

The 3 or 4 times I have sent via these boxes, I take them to the fed ex airhead at the airport, and ship them the fastest way possible. My theory is that they will get less handling that way. I also engage the desk people so that they have an idea of what is being sent. This has worked well, with no problems yet.

Then I add the return bill, as you describe. So far, I have only lost one. I followed up with that patron in person, and she seemed to have just blown it off. That one went to Maryland. Over time, the loss of one isn't bad.

I wrote to ask if you ship this way, or do you have any other tricks for carriers? Thanks. Marla. Good post on being an artist, too.