Friday, April 30, 2010

Down to the Nitty Gritty

I'm getting to the point where I have no choice but to frame my work before my upcoming shows. I make light of this of course. Framing all the work is a chore but is also a signal of several other things. It means I'm wrapping up a new body of work and perhaps have not finished all the pieces I've envisioned for the shows. It's a sign that I may have things to give up. This is both in terms of work that was not yet accomplished as well as work that I will have to let go of; work that will sell and work that will go to places unknown to me. Framing comes with taking work off my walls that I've become accustomed to, fond of and familiar with. So there is a sadness there.

There is also a great sense of excitement and intrigue in seeing the work in it's finished and intended state. It's all spit and polished. It all comes together and sits tidy in my studio for a bit. I can admire my handy-work and I'm sure I will feel a great sense of accomplishment for all my efforts. I'll see how the threads that connect each piece weave through the whole body of work. It's lovely.

So, I'll mostly look forward to having the task done.

Here's one of the babies that will get a frame tomorrow. This one is titled "Far and Away" 25"x25", pastel on art spectrum paper. Email me for pricing.


Cathyann said...

Your phrasing about what it feels like, to have that accomplishment before your eyes, is so right on point, Marla. This is a beautifullly poetic image.

AK said...

Marla, I never realised that one could do so much with pastels. You have inspired an eager student!

Susan said...

Lovely. I love the colors which you have used. Recently I saw the Brent Bailer Gallery, with the Color correctness in all his drawings. I loved it.