Monday, January 11, 2010

Finding Your Happy Place

I've been pondering quite a bit about what it is that drives us to create and how we sustain that drive. Perhaps the drive sustains something in us and keeps us going back. Maybe it's a chicken before the egg sort of thing. I don't really know. I do know that energy follows attention, so if we put our attention to the work all good things will follow. Creativity takes so many amazing forms from the inspired painting to an eloquent piece of music to the perfect equation. I think creativity takes on some pretty amazing but also seemingly ordinary forms like a great Christmas light display. Don't you think people really get into these kinds of things and break out that hidden creative side? The way some people dress or decorate their homes, is really just the artist itching to bust out.

I think that people want that in their lives. It's so enriching and makes your heart swell. It's finding your happy place! Gotta find your happy place. As adults, we kinda frown on it, 'cause it's kinda thought of as the crazy side. But really it's the authentic side of us. It's the side that lets us dance to our favorite song even if it's a stupid song, put on those silly earrings, go for a joyride. I dance to the stupid songs every day. I keep myself happy and warm. I live large in my own little world.

I think people diminish or dismiss the ways that they are creative. How many friends do you have that you think of as really creative, but they won't admit to it? How many people do we "artists" know who say stuff like, "I can't draw a straight line with a ruler"? Isn't this just the stupidest thing to say? Of course you can't, everyone needs a ruler, that doesn't mean you can't make art. Everyone, and I mean everyone can make art.

When you're dancing you can't hate. You have to be in the moment or it won't happen. Making a painting or a song, or writing a story, it's the same. Maybe that's why we do it; to take us to the moment free from the possibility of discord.

Wouldn't it be a wonderful, beautiful thing if we had a day that everyone let the creative bust out?

What did you do today??

Did you make something? Did you write something, paint something, sew something?? I hope you did. If you did, you made this world a better place.



ujhazi said...

Lovely, Marla!

AnnG said...

I did manage to finish a still-life of granny smith apples today and really enjoyed it. I'm trying to learn the process of working in stages since I'm tempted to always work alla prima. This has been fairly difficult for me. I started to struggle with my still-life when I got back to it today...but decided to go with a gut feeling to make the piece impressionistic and was ultimately satisfied with the result.

I've heard it said before that artists make the world a better place with their creations (referring to your last statement). But I wonder why I'm left with the feeling that my piece I created today was for myself...I guess that's just the satisfaction that comes with creating something.

Sorry for the long-winded post.

Marla Baggetta said...


I used to think the same thing. I used to think that my work was just something for myself that it didn't really enrich anyone else, but I've come to realize that the energy we put toward the work makes us better and by association, the world better. And sometimes, our work truly touches someone.... Keep painting!

Anita Stoll said...

Great commentary along with a beautiful work. When I'm into creativity painting at my easel, listening to music, I break into a happy dance and sway to my inner rythms' It is this high and the joy that accompanies it that I am addicted to. I can't get enough of it yet it is enough to bring out the rainbows in my life.

Cathyann said...

You have some great quotable musings in this post. I especially like "I live large in my own little world" and "when you are dancing, you can't hate".
Painting for me is like dancing, which is something I love to do, too and I agree with you also about the positive energy we generate when creating; it multiplies exponentially somehow.
Love your work!

Jala Pfaff said...


I really like your work. Very fond of your 100 Variations project.