Friday, August 21, 2009

Having An Off Day

Back at work getting ready for my last two shows of the season. On Sunday, I'd taken a new direction that I was really jazzed about. I'd taken some photos of seed fields. Flowers that are not my thing. But, I really loved the photos and I had an idea to make them more interesting. I could really see the finished idea well cooked in my head, so I felt on pretty solid ground. I did two pieces, (shown), I liked in that they were accomplishing some of the ideas and the flavor that I was going for. Somehow these pieces were different for me, but still worked and that pleased me.

The next morning I was all excited about getting into the studio to start just where I'd left off. I was all set. I'd had my coffee, it was a beautiful morning, no big distractions, nothing missing in the studio. Couldn't get a thing happening. I struggled the whole frustrating day and ended up with not just what I was working on in the trash, but several other pieces that had been hanging on my walls for a while too. Suddenly, they didn't look so good either. My fingers were raw from working on the sanded paper and I was a utter mess of dust and frustration. Not a great day as far as painting was concerned.

But then something really terrific happened. Tuesday morning I got up, got my coffee, read the paper and went down to the studio to work. I decided to start again just where I'd left off on Sunday,(the good day). I didn't get all discouraged about Monday and for some reason, I didn't even let it bug me. There was a time that I really would have just abandoned a direction if I couldn't make it work on consecutive days. That I would have had no patience for failure. It would have made me quickly change course or at the very least, continued to be a source of angst the next time at the easel. I guess I just rolled with it for once. I didn't see it as failure but just part of the process, part of what happens. This is not to say that "bad" day wasn't frustrating, tiring,(a whole bunch of adjective come to mind to describe that feeling that I don't want to use in my blog), it's just that maybe I came to a little acceptance that this is what needs to happen to move forward.

Tuesday was a good day. I accomplished a few things. It wasn't the same as Sunday. I didn't feel that kind of excitement in finding something that works and feels right, but it was enough.


Kelly Marszycki said...

I'm glad to see you are back blogging! No, I don't paint with pastels, although I keep dipping my "pastel toe" in the waters once in awhile. Your "bad" day seems to have released some negative energies and cleared the decks for the next day! Somehow had to have one to reach the other? Your new works are beautiful!

Wendy DeHart said...

Wow! These are sooo beautiful! You got to have the valleys to appreciate the peaks!

Marla Baggetta said...

I've had such a busy summer so "back to blogging" seems a sanctuary. thanks sooo much for looking!!